Civil Court Cases

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Syed Khaleel Pasha is a leading and Best civil lawyer in Bangalore. He has extensive consultancy and litigation experience. Syed Khaleel Pasha is a top Civil Lawyer in Bangalore as He provides on-time legal solutions, practical and efficient legal advice to all the clients in Civil related matters, and has represented clients in all courts including the Supreme Court of India. Being a Top Civil lawyer we give first preference to mediation between the parties for timely settlement of disputes before initiating any legal-related Matter.  He Has a Decade of experience in handling smoothly all civil disputes of clients in the High court of Karnataka.  

What makes us called as Top Civil Lawyer is a variety of cases that we deal such as Import/Export cases, Money Recovery Cases, labour and Employment Dispute, Karnataka Administrative Tribunal Cases, Injunction – Stay in Civil Suits, Consumer forum cases, Contempt of Court Proceedings, Specific Performance Cases, bankruptcy & insolvency Cases, Regulatory compliance, Customs and Central Excise, Credit card cases. Syed Khaleel pasha provides the best legal services through our experienced legal experts regarding Civil Cases to our clients in various courts including the Karnataka High Court & the Supreme Court of India. We deal in Civil Cases like labour, property, land, Recovery, tenancy, Insurance Cases having experienced the Best Civil Cases, Lawyers. We have achieved many landmark judgments in the favour of our respected clients. Being civil Lawyers we give every personal advice to our clients all sorts of civil legal problems; provide result-oriented relief that gives complete satisfaction to them. We also file and contest civil appeals, revisions, and Writ Petitions. We being the Top civil cases Lawyers in Bangalore provide the best legal solution.

Having a reputed Law Firm in Bangalore we have our objectives clear where we start to provide our clients with services that ensure perfect and permanent solutions for them.

» We know clients need better results.

» to secure justice by every possible legal means.

» To bridge an effective communication with our clients

» To introduce, maintain, and continuously discover ways to make the process of obtaining justice simpler for our clients

» it’s in our policy to go give client every response that they need.

» To introduce a system of plan, review and conduct process to achieve a better quality of the result 

» We also committed for the full understanding of any clients’ civil cases.

We provide Top civil proven expertise, with the intent to provide a wide array of Corporate, Legal, and Advisory services. We also customized solutions to various clients across the country.


The best Civil Lawyer team brings value to the clients and the profession in the form of personalized services, excellent turnaround time, Swift service Delivery, long-term commitment. Our Legal team continuously works on matters, because of their intricacy and magnitude, to raise a novel question of law & practice. We with our best knowledge know the need of the corporate world to provide innovative and creative legal strategies and solutions. We maintain our reputation of being the best Civil lawyer in Bangalore by serving our clients who look to us for advice, representation, and assistance in a broad range of practices, through senior legal professionals and consultants.

Syed Khaleel Pasha’s vision is to be a one-stop solution to every legal and management problem that our clients have encountered while achieving desired business goals and objectives.